Sikkim Medical Medical Council , a Statutory Body constituted in April 2000, as a result of enactment of Sikkim Medical Medical Council, 2000 by the Government of Sikkim. Sikkim Medical Medical Council is vested with powers, duties and function of regulating the practice of Modern Scientific System of Medicine in the State of Sikkim. The Sikkim Medical Medical Council, Gangtok has been established on dt. 01.4.2000 vide State Government Gazette notification to regulate the Allopathic Medical Profession in Sikkim in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Sikkim Ayurvigyan Parishad Adhiniyam.

Before 2000 there were three regional medical council namely (i) State Medical Council (Under the provisions of the Central Province & Berar Medical Registration (ii) The SMU Medical College (Under the provisions of SMU Medical Practitioners Registration Act (iii) Gangtok Medical Council (Under the provisions of Medical Practitioner Registration Act functioning on regional basis for State Area.

Since the Sikkim Medical Medical Council, has been given effect for whole of the area of Sikkim State from , therefore as per section 31 of the Act, the following consequences have ensued namely: -

A. The Following three regional medical registration Acts have been stand repealed.
(i) The Central Province and Berar Medical Registration Act.
(ii) The SMU Practitioners Registration Act.
(iii) The Medical Practitioner Registration Act.
B. Consequently the following three regional medical council's have been stand dissolved and all the registered medical practitioners of these three Regional medical council have been deemed as the registered medical practitioners of Sikkim Medical Medical Council automatically in accordance with the provisions laid down in section 11(4) of the SMC.
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Registration Fees
Head / Subject Fee
1 Fee for Provisional Registration Rs. 5000.00
2 Fee for Permanent Registration Rs. 5000.00

3 Fee for Registration of Additional Qualification Rs. 5000.00
4 Fee for issue of duplicate copy of Permanent Registration Certificate Rs. 1500.00
5 Fee for issue of duplicate copy of Additional Registration Certificate Rs. 2500.00
6 Fee for issue of Duplicate copy of Provisional Registration Certificate Rs. 1300.00
7 Fee for issue of NOC Certificate for other Council Rs. 5000.00
8 Fee for change of marital status or change of surname Rs. 1000.00
9 Fee for Renewal of Permanent Registration (for every ten years) Rs. 2000.00
10 Fee for Forwarding application of Good Standing Certificate Rs. 1500.00
11 Late fee (Per Month) *only for Provisional and Permanent Registration Rs. 1000.00
12 Fee for Provisional Registration (Foreign Institution) Rs. 5000.00
13 Fee for Permanent Registration (Foreign Institution) Rs. 15000.00
14 Fee for Additional Registration (Foreign Institution) Rs. 15000.00